About Tridiagonal

Tridiagonal Software is a technology company focusing on manufacturing excellence and digital transformation solutions. With a strong process background, a combination of skill sets (Domain Engg. / SMEs, Data Scientists, APC Engineers, Data Engineers, Application engineers, etc.) and partner eco-system, we support corporate R&D groups, Process Technologists, Plant Operations and Maintenance teams with our breadth and depth of services and solutions. We have successfully implemented solutions in the process industry verticals like Oil & Gas, Pet Chemicals, Pharma, Food, Metals & Mining, Cement, etc.

Our Products



MixIT is the next generation collaborative mixing analysis and scale-up tool designed to facilitate comprehensive stirred tank analysis using lab and plant data, empirical correlations and advanced 3D CFD models. It combines knowledge management tools and mixing science in a unified environment deployable enterprise-wide.

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SimSight is a science-based, data-driven framework that maps the fundamental performance characteristics of process assets/equipment. SimSight takes ‘Asset-centric’ view to ‘Know how’ and ‘Know why’ for better process understanding through first principle /mechanistic modeling, building process models (mechanistic / data-driven) for predicting performance characteristics of each asset and creating a decision-support system for asset design / selection / rating and scale-up, technology transfer, etc.

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PERMiT is a unique tool designed to predict and mitigate erosion risk. It helps with design and operation of oil and gas pipelines within acceptable erosion limits. PERMiT assists in predicting and evaluating the erosion rates for various pipeline components that are prone to erosion. Designers can size pipelines and recommend operating envelopes to stay within the erosion limits. Field operators can optimize production rates to stay within erosion limits when production scenarios change. It ensures safe and reliable operation of pipelines.

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