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May 11, 2023    
9:00 am - 10:00 am CDT

Today, computational flow dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation is a key component of process development in the chemical, pharma and biotech industries. The popularity and success of CFD can be largely attributed to its ability to predict with great accuracy the (3-D) flow, mixing, mass-transfer etc. fields inside process equipment such as reactors, pumps, centrifuges, mixers etc. Further, CFD simulation data is naturally rich in detail from which important process insights can be extracted. However, despite its popularity within the flow modeling community, CFD’s full potential as a “go-to” process development and scale-up tool remains unfulfilled. This is because, the process insights extracted from the large excess of simulation data generated by CFD analysts, is not readily available for easy consumption to the greater process engineering community within an organization.


Specifically, CFD analysts do not have a process knowledge repository solution that enables them to meaningfully store, curate and distribute process insights to the greater process engineering community. CFD data and process insights/knowledge derived from it largely reside in presentation decks, cumbersome worksheets etc. which are hard to maintain and not scalable. To realize the true potential of CFD for the process engineering community, this situation needs to be rectified relatively fast.


In this seminar, we present some key strategies to successfully address this problem of process knowledge management. Methods by which CFD data can be converted into process knowledge are first presented. This is followed by a description of a workflow that enables efficient storage and curation of the process knowledge. Finally, we present methodologies by which the stored process knowledge can be distributed for easy consumption by the greater process engineering community within the organization.


If you are a modeling engineer, CFD analyst or the leader of a group of such engineers, this webinar is a must attend for you!

  • Challenges associated with extracting and utilizing process insights from CFD simulation data
  • Examples of successful conversion of CFD data into process knowledge & its best practices
  • Strategies for organizing and storing process knowledge in a meaningful way
  • Importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in process knowledge management
  • Real life case studies of successful implementation of process knowledge management in organizations
Benefits of Attending
  • Learn about best practices for extracting key insights from CFD simulation data
  • Gain insights from experienced industry expert
  • Participate in interactive discussions with other attendees and ask questions to speakers

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Putting Simulation Data To Work: Strategies For Managing Process Knowledge

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